Warm, Inviting, Natural

Clean Lines, Warm Tones, and Natural Views

The Morrison’s interiors complement the vast presence of natural light wells built into every home. Soft tones and light woods pay homage to the West Coast style while quality appliances and central kitchens give weight to the heart of the home.

Big City Architecture, Thoughtful Interiors

Each home’s interior reflects the modern architecture with sleek lines while maintaining warmth in finishes and natural details.

"The white tones mix with warm colours and really luxurious lines, giving it that London vibe—good paneling with a mix of white and warm colours. So it’s got that London refinement, but still says “Hey here I am in North Vancouver. Isn’t BC beautiful?"


– Annaliesse Kelly, AK Designs

A Style For Everyone

We’ve crafted interiors that are designed for every lifestyle. Whether you’re single, nurturing an expanding family, or seeking a low-maintenance space for retirement, The Morrison has a home for you.

“I love that The Morrison is not just for one demographic. It has homes that fit families, single people, and people who are retired. It’s soft, simple, and beautiful without being specific or cold.”


– Annaliesse Kelly, AK Designs

Every Detail Counts

As much attention to detail was paid to the interior style of The Morrison as with the exterior. From the quality of cabinetry, appliances, and woodwork, to the spacial planning of each and every floorplan, we invite you to make yourself at home.

The Floorplans